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Student Wellbeing

"WeBetter Buddies Program

To support transition into the school, we have a highly successful Better Buddies Program. All Grade 6 students are paired with a Grade Prep student where they act as a mentor and positive role model.  This helps to ensure a smooth transition into school for our Preps and promotes the development of leadership skills amongst our Grade 6 students.


At Ballarat North Primary School, all students are part of a TEAMs group which consists of approximately twenty students ranging from Prep to Grade 6. TEAMs is an acronym for ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’. The purpose of TEAMs is to build positive relationships across the school and to enable students to make connections with other staff and students. TEAMs usually meet twice a term for lunch and twice a term to participate in an activity related to our school values.

First Aid

At Ballarat North Primary School, we are very fortunate to have a nurse who works fulltime at our school. Nurse Ritchie administers first aid where required and also undertakes a welfare role. This includes conducting the ‘Seasons For Growth’ program for students who have experienced grief or loss.