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Specialised Programs

At Ballarat North Primary School, we endeavour to create a safe and nurturing learning environment in which all staff members are committed to developing supportive relationships with our students. We have a range of educational options to assist students, with special learning needs, who have been identified as requiring additional support.

Our ongoing monitoring and assessment practices allow us to quickly identify the students who need extra support to maximise their potential. Students may receive additional assistance individually or in small groups with other students who have similar needs.

Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is an individualised form of assistance given to students who, after one year of schooling with excellent classroom teaching, have not developed age appropriate reading skills. These students work individually with our reading recovery teacher, who has specialised training in early literacy acquisition.

Program for Students with Disabilities

We develop supportive, individualised Educational Learning Plans for students with disabilities in which parent participation and input is vital. Inclusion is an important consideration for all our students, where time in the classroom, with peers, is maximised and Educational Support staff assist students with particular learning needs. We also offer a comprehensive Life Skills program whereby students learn cooking, shopping, craft and travel skills.

We have strong connections with our local preschools and secondary schools. These connections enable us to provide all students, especially those with special needs, with quality transition programs.