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Performing Arts

At Ballarat North Primary School, we offer a highly engaging Performing Arts specialist program. This program covers Music, Dance and Drama elements with a focus on creativity, exploration and participation.

Junior students access a range of tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments and senior students explore music through the use of instruments such as ukuleles, guitars, keyboards and drums. Skills including keeping the beat, matching rhythm and varying tempo are a focus of the music program. In senior classes there are opportunities to explore reading and writing formal, and informal music notation.

Dance lessons encourage children to express themselves with movement. There is a strong correlation between the music and dance programs. Identifying the themes and moods the music present and responding to these with dancing or movement. Students are encouraged to explore different movement patterns and levels to help express an idea or story through dance. Some formal dance techniques are also taught.

Drama provides excellent opportunities for investigative play, expanding speaking and listening skills and developing confidence. Students play games, imagine and improvise within a range of themes (depending on the grade level).