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At Ballarat North Primary School, we offer an engaging Japanese Program taught by an experienced Japanese teacher. Our students are fortunate to have a modern Japanese room designated to showcase their work and display Japanese artefacts.

The program offers a mixture of learning about Japanese culture and language. Students are provided the opportunity to speak, read and write in Japanese. Singing Japanese songs and playing games in class is encouraged to enhance the learning of new vocabulary. Students expand their vocabulary through picture story books and various games with flashcards. Learning to read and recognise a different alphabet can be quite challenging. Our Japanese program scaffolds lessons to be inclusive for all children to excel and enjoy reading and writing the hiragana alphabet.

Students are exposed to various cultural celebrations and significant events on the Japanese calendar. Japanese culture provides a fabulous platform for students to be creative. An example of this is the Japan Challenge. This is a poster competition for students in grades 3-6. Students from Ballarat North PS have been well represented over the past few years.