2019 School Review


Please find attached our draft School Strategic Plan (2020-2023) and our draft Annual Implementation Plan 2020.
Please feel free to download them and tell us what you think.

pdfBNPS AIP Planning Document
pdfBNPS School Strategic Plan Update

We have a very important School Review process happening this term. This DET directed process sees the whole school reflect on it’s past Strategic Plan and complete the work to develop a new one, to take us into our next phase of development over the next four years. The whole school community will be working on reviewing the range of data that the appointed School Reviewer will access during the process. This includes our academic and across school achievement as reflected in:

  • the NAPLAN and Teacher Judgement results;
  • our Student Survey results (through the Attitude to School Survey); and 
  • the Parent Opinion Survey results.

I am seeking feedback from the wider community about your views of this data, which are an important measure in how the school is travelling. I am also interested in hearing from those who would like to share your thoughts on how well we have achieved our goals as set out in our current Strategic and Annual Implementation plans. These documents, as well as copies of the above range of results can be found on this page as links to pdf documents.
I will also be sharing some of the individual documents for your feedback with families via the FlexiBuzz app.

To share with us what you think please access our online Feedback form here:


Attached documents for links to be included as the following text:

pdfBNPS School Strategic Plan
pdfBNPS Annual Implementation Plan 2019
pdfNAPLAN 2019 (results for Grade 3 and 5 for 2019 as well as Growth Data based on a comparison of Year 5 2019 results to their personal results in Year 3 2017)
pdfAttitudes to School Survey 2019 (Results from students in years 4, 5 and 6 for 2019 with comparison data from 2017 and 2018)
pdfParent Opinion Survey 2019 (results for 2019 with comparison to 2018 results)